Win for Gun Violence Prevention in Supply Side Approach


After several years of investigations and a civil suit, Nevada-based firearms dealer New Frontier Armory LLC has agreed to halt advertising, offerings of sales, and actual sales of large capacity magazines (LCM) to New Jersey residents. Additionally it has agreed to pay the state $50,000 as a settlement for a civil suit brought against the company due to this disregard of current New Jersey law.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has this as a comment : "Large capacity magazines, which significantly increase a shooter's ability to injure and kill large numbers of people quickly, are illegal in New Jersey, and we have zero tolerance for their sale here...This settlement not only holds New Frontier Armory accountable for its unlawful conduct, but also puts gun dealers on notice that we are closely monitoring internet weapons sales and will take immediate action against anyone who endangers our residents by selling and shipping deadly and unlawful firearms and magazines into our state."

While New Frontier Armory is based in Nevada they have run a successful internet based online store that sells to individuals all across the country, including to those in states that have strict laws governing what types gun, ammo, and magazine can be purchased. The company will now be required to block shipments of LCMs to any New Jersey address; clearly and conspicuously post on its website a list of states and municipalities that restrict firearm magazine sales, which will include a link to New Jersey's LCM restrictions; and specify that knowingly possessing an LCM in the state is a fourth-degree crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. Under the terms of the settlement, New Frontier Armory must also continue to make and keep all documents concerning sales and attempted purchases of LCMs to any New Jersey shipping address.

This is a major victory for both residents of New Jersey as well as for concerned Attorney Generals' all across the country who can use this complaint, and subsequent settlement, as a roadmap to success when it come to restraining illegal sales of LCMs.

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