New Budget Leads to Consternation for New Jersey Gun Shops


Back in April New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy introduced his preliminary budget for 2019 with some notable changes to the prices on certain permits required to acquire a gun. While New Jersey has some of the most comprehensive gun control laws in the nation there are always areas for improvement. Gov Murphy has proposed increasing multiple gun fees that will economically curtail New Jersey residents ability to cheaply buy guns. Currently, New Jersey has some of the lowest economic barriers of entry for gun sales, a firearm ID is only $5, a firearm permit is only $2, and a carry permit is only $20.

Gov. Murphy's new budget hoped to increase these prices to to approximately $100, $50, and $400 respectively, putting them at some of the highest in the nation behind municipalities like New York or LA. As is most things related to highly contentious gun control measure the budget was tweaked and altered to a point where the proposed fee hikes were non-recognizable. Gov. Murphy lamented:

"What is being left out are bills that would enact meaningful ammunition regulation and firearms ID modernization and training, and those are big omissions."

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