Brady PAC Endorsement Shows Bipartisan Support for GVP Measures


The Brady PAC endorsed Rep. Chris Smith (R-Hamilton) Wednesday, adding to the longtime incumbent’s already-impressive list of pro-gun-control backers.

“The bottom line is that common sense measures to prevent gun violence are about saving lives and Congressman Chris Smith gets that,” Brady PAC Executive Director Brian Lemek said. “Over the years, from being one of the original cosponsors of universal background check to his support for an assault weapons ban, closing the Charleston loophole and more, Congressman Smith has the receipts to prove he is a gun violence prevention champion and we endorse his record and his leadership on the issue.”

Brady understands that common sense measures are not just a Democratic and Republican issues, they are a human issue. Brady and Brady PAC will reach out to both sides of the aisle to reach the common good as our Brian Lemek reiterates "[Rep. Smith] demonstrated a thoughtful approach to the (gun) issues and he understands that passing reasonable, responsible and comprehensible legislation can save lives. We think he's worthy of our endorsement,"

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