Brady Applauds New Jersey's Embrace of Gun Safety Package 2.0


New Jersey has continued to be at the forefront of state-led legislature to curb gun violence and restrict the selling and possession of firearms for individuals deemed unsafe or unstable. What started in 2018 when Gov. Phil Murphy signed several new laws to reduce access to armor piercing bullets and high capacity magazines, as well as restrictions on handgun permits and increased background checks on privately sold firearms, has continued on into 2019.

On July 16th, Gov. Murphy signed a new round of several laws, being colloquially dubbed the "Gun Safety Package 2.0" to further strengthen New Jersey's gun control measures. The four new legislations focus on the development and sale of "smart" handguns, criminalizing the sale or transfer of a firearm from persons convicted for certain crimes, criminalizing the sale of firearms from disqualified peoples, and lastly creates a state funded suicide prevention campaign that will focus on gun retail dealers.

Brady lauded this action when it occurred and will continue to support New Jersey's, and all states, efforts to make their communities safer from gun violence.

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